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The Raven Cycle meme: [1/4] Characters: Blue Sargent.

"She wasn’t interested in telling other people’s futures. She was interested in going out and finding her own"

The Raven Cycle Meme


Dunno if there is one but yah:

  • 5 scenes
  • 4 characters
  • 3 locations
  • 2 romantic ships
  • 1 car

Bonus meme:

  • 3 friendships
  • 2 psychics
  • 1 death


endless list of favourite books

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

“I’m sorry, Gemma. But we can’t live in the light all of the time. You have to take whatever light you can hold into the dark with you.”

endless list of favourite books

↳ Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente

“That’s how you get deathless, volchitsa. Walk the same tale over and over, until you wear a groove in the world, until even if you vanished, the tale would keep turning, keep playing, like a phonograph, and you’d have to get up again, even with a bullet through your eye, to play your part and say your lines.” 


endless list of favourite books

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

“Why does that obstinate little voice in our heads torment us so? Could it be because it reminds us that we are alive, of our mortality, of our individual souls – which, after all, we are too afraid to surrender but yet make us feel more miserable than any other thing? It is a terrible thing to learn as a child that one is a being separate from the world, that no one and no thing hurts along with one’s burned tongues and skinned knees, that one’s aches and pains are all one’s own. Even more terrible, as we grow older, to learn that no person, no matter how beloved, can ever truly understand us. Our own selves make us most unhappy, and that’s why we’re so anxious to lose them, don’t you think?”


endless list of favourite books

Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor

“She had been innocent once, a little girl playing with feathers on the floor of a devil’s lair. She wasn’t innocent now, but she didn’t know what to do about it. This was her life: magic and shame and secrets and teeth and a deep, nagging hollow at the center of herself where something was most certainly missing.”


Ronan was like Cabeswater: a maker of dreams. If he didn’t know the difference between waking and sleeping, it was because the difference didn’t matter to him.

Feathers rained down as the birds careened toward the cave mouth. Blue’s heart burst with how big it was, this moment, and no other.

Then there was silence, or at least not enough sound to be heard over Blue’s thudding heart. Feathers quivered in the mud beside Adam.

"Hold on,” Gansey said. “I’m coming out.”

Queens and kings
Kings and queens
Blue lily, lily blue
Crowns and birds
Swords and things
Blue lily, lily blue

— excerpt from Blue Lily, Lily Blue (by Maggie Stiefvater) —