grantaire doesn’t wake up in time


If you ever feel sad just remember that in 1800’s France, “I’ll black your boots” was slang for “I’ll give you a blowjob”

Grantaire literally said “I’ll suck your dick” to Enjolras’s face and it went straight over his head he is a dumb gay nerd


there are celebrities who are aware of ships

and then there’s George


I fell in love with the world in you. [x]


If Game of Thrones has taught me anything it’s Kings are fucking weak and don’t mess with a Queen

I Will Follow You Into The Dark
George Blagden //

In revolutionary school, as vicious as Musain rule,
I got my feelings bruised by the leader in red
And I propped to the bar, as he told me
“R, you’re good for nothing, fool”
and I hear every word that he said.


Hello beautiful people, so to celebrate reaching 2k subscribers I decided to do a giveaway! I’m really excited about everything that I have to give to one of you so here is everything you need to know!

** rules **

~ Reblog as many times as you like just please try not to spam
~ Likes don’t count but are welcomed for reference
~ Must be following me
(I’ll be checking if you follow me if you win, purely because it’s a follower giveaway so it would be nice if you were following me :)
~ No give away blogs please
~ I’ll ship anywhere in the world
~ Must be 18 or have parents permission for me to have your address so I can send it to you!
~ winner will be drawn at random

** what you will win! **

~ 1 pack of Insence, patchouli (directly bought from India)
~ 1 tube of Henna (good stuff as it’s also directly from India)
~ 1 Arwen Evenstar replica necklace!
~ 2 home made flower crowns
~ 1 wooden mushroom pen (this is so cute)
~ ‘This is not a book’ by Keri Smith - it’s the same type of book as ‘wreck this journal’ which I’m sure you’ve all heard of.

PLUS lots of other little goodies I will be throwing in along the way :)

Giveaway ends 5th of May, message me if you have any questions!

Goodluck sweet flowers xxx